Track the progress of your electrical projects with ease from the field.

Personalized job metrics

Tailor the construction phase by assigning different cost codes.

Easy-to-use configuration

The organized mobile-friend system gathers the data you need to know.

Empowers field personnel

Enables users to personalize their experience while minimizing frustration and enhancing communication.

Up-to-date project health.

Evaluating the health of a construction project involves considering several key factors.

Project Goals and Scope

 Is the project scope well-defined and understood by all stakeholders? Budget and Costs. Are cost estimates and projections accurate and updated regularly?

Timeline and Schedule

Are there any delays in completing milestones or phases? Resource Allocation. Are there any resource shortages or bottlenecks affecting progress? Quality Control: Are inspections and quality assurance procedures being conducted regularly? Risk Management. Are unexpected risks being addressed promptly?

Communication and Collaboration

 Is there effective communication among project stakeholders? Are regular project status updates provided to relevant parties? Are issues and concerns being communicated and resolved promptly? Health and Safety. Stakeholder Satisfaction. Are there any concerns or feedback from stakeholders that need attention?

Documentation and Reporting

 Is documentation kept up-to-date, including plans, permits, and progress reports? Are records of changes, approvals, and decisions maintained? Environmental Considerations.

Fully integrated web platform.

Our fully integrated web platform combines various functionalities and tools to serve your company as you manage your projects.

The platform offers tier permissions, user authentication, data storage, communication tools, reporting, and more, all within a unified interface.

Quality you can depend on.

We offer testing and quality assurance to identify and fix bugs, security vulnerabilities, and usability issues.

Continuous maintenance and updates to the platform to ensure it remains secure, up-to-date, and aligned with user needs.

Legal and privacy considerations addressing legal and privacy concerns, such as user data protection, terms of use, privacy policies, and compliance with relevant regulations.

Solidify the communication between the field personnel, project managers and the foreman.

Seamless Project Management

What can nkurrent do for you?

Empowers field personnel

Enables users to personalize their experience while minimizing frustration and enhancing communication.

Customize each task

Add cost codes to match your estimate to each task per equipment

Solid web platform

The platform offers tier permissions, user authentication, data storage, communication tools, reporting, and more, all within a unified interface.

Assigns work rapidly

Got extra help on the weekend? Know where you left off and assign tasks to the help crew to decrease downtime.

Check your progress anywhere

Web application is easily accessible from various devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Centralized Updates and Maintenance

Centralized updates and maintenance can update the application on the server. Keep you with the latest upgrades.

About Us

Get to know us

nkurrent is developed by electricians and project managers. We understand all the pain points and want to solve these at a reasonable price point and in a user-friendly manner for all project personnel. We know the electrical building process, we understand project management, and the importance of tracking the health of the project. 

We are a centrally located Midwest company, we value the relationships with our customers. We are also a family and veteran-owned business.

Developed and managed by electricians and project managers.

Proudly built and operated in the USA.

Family and veteran-owned business.

Let us show you how we can empower your business

Request a free demo of the nkurrent platform, or get in touch with us.


Will you help me implement the app in the field?

Absolutely. Typically, we train the project managers and administrators of the company and give them the freedom to train the field personnel, but we are always willing to come visit and assist when it is needed. We want our customers to be as successful as possible.

How many projects can we have?

We encourage all company projects to utilize the app to best benefit the health of the projects and the company. We want our customers to use the app to its full potential by including and any all their projects!

How many users can I have?

We encourage our customers to include many field personnel for the most accurate data and information. Typically, all project managers and administrators utilize the app on the regular as well. For the benefit of our customers, we allow an unlimited number of users.

Do all users have the same access?

We provide access appropriate to the role on the job: field personnel/technicians, project managers, and company admin. We would love to show you the incredible ways this app can serve all responsibilities of the project.

Will you come to give us an in-person presentation/demo?

We typically set up a zoom, google-meet or teams video meeting for the demonstration. If an in-person appointment is requested, we will happily come to visit your town.

Who do I contact if I need assistance?

Please email We will respond within 24 hours, and we will work with you through whatever the concerns or needs are!

What are my payment options?

We provide multiple options to allow ease for the customer. You can pre-pay for an entire year for a 5% discount or pay monthly. We send invoices through QuickBooks to utilize a bank account transfer for easy use.

Stay kurrent